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Online cosmetics store Verana in Latvia.

Verana company produces effective natural cosmetics, for professional use and for home care.

For professional use, Verana produces a large assortment of facial massage oils, body massage oils, body scrubs, hand scrubs, foot scrubs, hand cream oils, foot cream oils.

Professional cosmetics Verana helps to increase the effect of the procedures by 30% !!!

For home use, Verana offers hair balms, facial scrubs, body scrubs, hand scrubs, foot scrubs, hand cream oil, foot foot cream, as well as bath and shower products.

Each series and each product of Verana cosmetics is designed to bring maximum benefit from its use.

The use of natural ingredients allows you to save in Verana cosmetics all the healing and rejuvenating properties of nature.

With the systematic use of cosmetics Verana, the skin will retain youth and radiance for a long time, and mature and problem skin will regain its health and beauty.

Choose only the best, be beautiful and healthy, and we will help you with it!