Verana Professional Foot scrub PRO 1

Verana Professional Foot scrub PRO 1
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Foot Scrub «PRO 1» 1kg.

Scrub for gentle feet and shin peeling is recommended for pedicure, SPA-pedicure and other SPA treatments. It can be used for feet and toenails complex treatment.

Scrub is composed of natural extracts of ginger, plantain and dandelion, which are known for their curative properties.
Plantain extract has antiseptic properties and prevents infection in foot and heel cracks.
Ginger improves blood circulation, and tones up skin; it has perfect warming effect. As a result of blood circulation improvement the skin top layer becomes firm and healthy rose. Skin cells renew quicker and get saturated with oxygen. Dry and rough skin renews and becomes rejuvenated and healthy looking. The antioxidant properties of ginger help to preserve feet skin young and to eliminate toxins.
Dandelion extract contains active substances and organic acids, which refresh and even out skin tone. The notable amount of calcium present in dandelion extract helps to prevent dry and fragile toenails; they become healthy and shiny.

Natural extracts, oils and butters show relaxing effect and relieve foot fatigue. After the peeling procedure feet get the feeling of lightness, and skin stays fresh longer.
Foot scrub «PRO1» is easy to use and is recommended for any type of pedicure and SPA treatments.
Use Foot cream butter «PRO1» after each peeling procedure to get better results.

The prolonged effect of professional cosmetic procedures is achieved with the help of Verana cosmetics.
Storage (+ 5 ºC ÷ +20 ºC). Protect from the direct sunlight and water.
Natural cosmetics! Package: 1 kg.

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