Verana Professional Foot cream butter Plantain

Verana Professional Foot cream butter Plantain
  • Brand: Verana
  • Product Code: 4751020621640
  • 15.00EUR

Foot cream butter «Plantain» 900g.

Foot cream butter is specially designed for pedicure, SPA-pedicure and other SPA-treatments.

Natural plantain extract is a main component of the cream butter. It contains the complex of active substances – enzymes, vitamins (C, A, K), phytoncids, organic acids, tannins, which regenerate feet skin.
The unique component of the extract – Vitamin U (methylmethionine)- has antiseptic properties and prevents infection in foot and heel cracks. Natural Vitamin E increases the wound healing properties of the extract.
The complex of natural oils and butters removes dry heel skin, moisturizes and nourishes feet skin.

Before the application of foot cream butter use Foot scrub «Plantain» to get better results.
The prolonged effect of professional cosmetic procedures is achieved with the help of Verana cosmetics.
Storage (+5 ºC ÷ +20 ºC). Protect from the direct sunlight and water.
Natural cosmetics! Package 900g.

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