Verana Professional Body scrub Dandelion

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Body scrub «Dandelion» 1,6kg.

Scrub for gentle body peeling is applied before massage and other SPA treatments.
Scrub is enriched with natural oils and butters, which makes its exposure gentle, avoiding skin damaging. Cocoa butter and coconut oil – soothe irritation, Palm Seed Oilsaturates skin with vitamins and moisturizes it. Natural Vitamin E (tocopherol) stimulates skin renewal, wound healing, and skin hydration level normalization; it makes skin smooth.
Dandelion root extract is the main active component of the scrub. Due to the notable content of active components and organic acids, dandelion extract helps to reduce skin pigmentation and even out skin tone.
Dandelion extract contains the notable amount Vitamins C, A, B, mineral salts, and microelements, which nourish and refresh body skin.
Dandelion in combination with natural tocopherol has rejuvenating properties; loose and dry skin becomes smooth and firm.

To get better results the massage procedure with Body massage «Dandelion» can follow.

Keep (+ 5 ºC ÷ +20 ºC). Keep away from sunlight and water.
Natural cosmetic! Packing: 1kg.

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