Verana Professional Body massage oil Rose flower

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Body massage oil «Rose flower»

Natural rose essential oil is a main component of body massage oil. It has strong rejuvenating effect on the skin.
The combination of natural oils and rose essential oil benefits skin nourishing, regeneration and rejuvenation.
Rose essential oil encourages skin regeneration, removes fine wrinkles, boosts skin elasticity and tones the skin.
Body massage oil “Rose flower” soothes skin, combats and prevents irritation and inflammation.
Rose essential oil effectively deals with skin inflammatory processes and removes skin flaking.
Massage oil “Rose flower” perfectly moisturizes skin. It penetrates easily into skin, removes fine wrinkles, regulates the production of sebum, reduces excessive oily shine, tightens enlarged pores and regenerates, which makes healing process painless.
Rose essential oil helps to reduce pigmentation and promotes healthy complexion.
Rose essential oil helps to bring inner harmonic balance, lessens fatigue and stress, calms nervous system, and promotes better sleep.
Rose essential oil is a powerful aphrodisiac, which increases sensuality in both men and women.
Before the application of massage oil use body scrub to get better results.
The prolonged effect of professional cosmetic procedures is achieved with the help of Verana home cosmetics.
Storage (+ 5 o C ÷ +25 o C). Protect from the direct sunlight and water.
Natural cosmetics! Package: 1L

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