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Verana line «Turmeric»




The main ingredient of the Verana product line with turmeric is a turmeric extract.


In India turmeric has been widely used as a cosmetic for a long time, which improves the complexion, makes the skin clean, opens up the sweat glands.


Turmeric has an excellent wound healing, antiseptic and warming effect; cleans perfectly the skin with purulent diseases, ulcers and abscesses, eliminates effectively acne and boils.


Turmeric rejuvenates and smoothes the skin, tones it, relieves irritation and causes anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.


Turmeric stimulates body protective forces in case of nervous overload, strengthens the ability to handle stress and the will.


Turmeric extract is used by athletes in case of muscular strain and sprains, as well as to relieve stress after intensive workloads.


Turmeric extract helps to get rid of scars on the body and remove cellulite.