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Verana line «Amber»




The main ingredient of the Verana product line with amber is natural amber.


For a long time an interest in amber can be explained not only because of its beauty, but also due to its healing properties.


Amber restores previously lost functions of the skin, but also renews life processes in flabby and dying tissues of the skin.


Amber is not only beneficial for the skin, restoring its health, but also indispensable in hair care, even in case of damaged follicles.


Aging, the body's cells begin to lose their ability to produce energy; amber is a powerful stimulator of energy production by the body cells.


Amber strengthens cellular respiration, promotes oxygen absorption by cells.


Amber is a potent antioxidant, it slows down the aging process, strengthens capillaries.


Rejuvenating energy affects all layers of the skin, restores a cellular matrix and stimulates the production of elastin fibres.


Amber has a calming and balancing effect on the body.


Before a training session or sport competition amber is used as a warming remedy that prepares the muscles and joints for intense loads.


Amber intensifies blood circulation, accelerates metabolism in the cells of the body, and helps to regenerate damaged tissue.