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About Verana products

Verana specializes in development and manufacture of natural cosmetic products, which satisfy the high-level requirements of cosmetics users. 

Verana products are created according to the unique formula, which is as follows: more than 99.8% of natural ingredients, water free, only oil-based extracts, preservative free, colourants free, GMO free, only extra virgin oils.

Verana cosmetics amber line contains 100% natural amber which was purified using the patented technology.

A unique amber processing system was developed, which allowed to get rid of all impurities and to obtain amber powder with round-shaped amber particles smaller than 3 mcm.

This technology allowed keeping all the unique properties of a whole amber piece in every small amber powder particle.

Verana natural cosmetic products are plant extract-based. All plant extracts – Verana cosmetics constituents - are oil-based, not spirit-based, which is very important for human skin.

Despite the fact, that all Verana products are natural, its shelf life is 1.5 year. All Verana products are water-free, and no environment for unwanted microorganism growth is possible.

Currently Verana offerssix unique cosmetic products lines for hair, face, body, hand and foot care.